Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oil's New Frontier

Fararo, Kim"Oils new frontiers: the new Alaska." Anchorage Daily News." 23 April 1995: A1 SIRS. http://www.proquestk12.comIn 1993 Chevron had one of the largest finds in the Tengis region of Kazakstan. The oil prospects were supposevely larger than California and Texas combined. They found multi-billion barrel oil field increasing the Earths known reserves by nearly half. however the oil is not easy to harvest due to a toxic gas so deadly that wonkers must wear gas masks. Kazakastan is a poor under-developed third world country that has fuel shortages and horrible telecomunication services. The western oil companies had been kicked out of countrys before and those countrys economy plummeted. they were later found begging the oil companys back in.

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