Thursday, April 26, 2007

Alaska after the spill.

Berliner, Jeff. Alaska after the spill." Public Citizen, March-April 1990. 25-28 SIRS. 26 April
2007 <>
This article was primarily about a spill that happened off the shore of the Valdez area in Alaska in March of 1989. " It killed 270,000 marine birds, thousands of otters and severly impacted the bald eagle population. " The captian of that ship "the Exxon Valdez" hit a bligh reef that was marked on charts and had a lighted bouy to mark it. Something went wrong and the tanker hit the reef making the whole load of 11 million gallons dump into the sea. This tragic accident engraged enviromentalists and self proclaimed pro-developement republican Govenor Cowper. The governor later in a speech demanded that Alaska will always respond to an oil spill no matter what size. therefore still would have liked to encourage the developement of the oil business in Alaska