Thursday, May 10, 2007

What i am doing this weekend

This weekend i am going fishing. in fact i will not be here tomorow because i am taking an extra long weekend to enjoy myself. i will be fishing at either crystal lake or little bass lake in northern minnesota in hubbard county. both of these lakes are southeast or just east of Akeley, a small town west of Hackensack.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oil we're all addicted

Buchan, James and Daniel Trilling "Oil were all addicted" new statesmen 17 July 2006: 30 Proquest. 3 May 2007 The reason of current high gas prices is because of the current conflict in Iraq. Iraq is a huge contributing factor to opec and that orginazation pools all of there crude together as a whole and then splits profit evenly. however Iraq is not producing nearly as much because Sadaam Hussein ordered the burning of many oil rigs when he found out that we were coming. Therefore OPEC is now producing less oil and prices have gone on the increase. The world since the 1970 increase has been looking for new and alternative fuels. the first was nuclear power which was not popular and considered by some a waste of money. not to mention it was very dangerous. then the next was ethanol or a fancy word for alcohol. this is made from farmers' crops and has increased the value for corn and wheat by nearly 15 times its original value.

The New War over oil

Bryant, Adam "The New War Over Oil." Newsweek 2 October 2000: 22 Proquest 5 may 2007.
Back in 1999 Al Gore wanted Clinton to tap into Alaska's Oil reserves. This was during a firey campaigning season against George W. Bush. Bush fired back and said that Alaska was only to be tapped into for a national emergency. Back in 1999 however oil prices were about 11$ a barrel because of all the warm winters. Warm winters decreases demand for any fossil fuel. however the Saudi's kept up with supply and therefore oil was cheap. Then other economies around the world started to flourish and demand went up, however the Saudis then cut back on our oil supplies and limited our oil which caused the increase that we are currently dealing with.

Why we'll never run out of oil

Rist, Curtis "why we'll never run out of oil." Discover June 1999 80-87. SIRS. 26 April 2007
The reason for the huge boom in gas prices was because the war going on in 1973. that was 30 years ago, and oil was selling at 100$ a barrel. however in 1999 oil has been selling for somewhere around 10 to 15 dollars a barrel. Daniel Yergin a chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, states that oil is only limited by technology and economics. Also there are theories that the ocean hold trillions of barrels below the floor. The company found a field off the coast of the newfoundland area and has already begun harvesting. also in canada in the alberta region there are suspicions of 300 billion barrels. Not to mention the ratio of 1 new barrel of oil found to every 4 produced.

Oil's New Frontier

Fararo, Kim"Oils new frontiers: the new Alaska." Anchorage Daily News." 23 April 1995: A1 SIRS. http://www.proquestk12.comIn 1993 Chevron had one of the largest finds in the Tengis region of Kazakstan. The oil prospects were supposevely larger than California and Texas combined. They found multi-billion barrel oil field increasing the Earths known reserves by nearly half. however the oil is not easy to harvest due to a toxic gas so deadly that wonkers must wear gas masks. Kazakastan is a poor under-developed third world country that has fuel shortages and horrible telecomunication services. The western oil companies had been kicked out of countrys before and those countrys economy plummeted. they were later found begging the oil companys back in.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Outline (finished)

I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter
1. Jim Motovalli writes in E Magazine"We will no more run out of oil than water in the ocean. About half of the world's known reserves are still in the ground." pg. 26-39
B. Preview of main points
1. Gasoline
a. demand
b. crude oil still left on planet.
c.refinery demand
d. politics of energy
e. personal opinion
C. Thesis statement
1. here are some possibilities for lowering gas prices.
II. Body
A. Demand for gasoline
1. US demand
a. most cars the average vehicle is 1 car to 2 people in this country.
b. US has most recreational vehicles.
2. Worldwide demand
a? research increases 2% each year.
B. Crude Oil still left on planet.
1. Most of Earths known reserves are still in ground
2. Scientists believe it exists on other planets and in moon.
C. Demand for refinerys.
1.Why no more in 29 years?
2How harmful to enviroment

D.Politcs of Energy
1. Liberal Viewpoints
2. Conservative Viewpoints

E. Personal Opinions.
1. hammer 'em home

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Alaska after the spill.

Berliner, Jeff. Alaska after the spill." Public Citizen, March-April 1990. 25-28 SIRS. 26 April
2007 <>
This article was primarily about a spill that happened off the shore of the Valdez area in Alaska in March of 1989. " It killed 270,000 marine birds, thousands of otters and severly impacted the bald eagle population. " The captian of that ship "the Exxon Valdez" hit a bligh reef that was marked on charts and had a lighted bouy to mark it. Something went wrong and the tanker hit the reef making the whole load of 11 million gallons dump into the sea. This tragic accident engraged enviromentalists and self proclaimed pro-developement republican Govenor Cowper. The governor later in a speech demanded that Alaska will always respond to an oil spill no matter what size. therefore still would have liked to encourage the developement of the oil business in Alaska