Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Outline (finished)

I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter
1. Jim Motovalli writes in E Magazine"We will no more run out of oil than water in the ocean. About half of the world's known reserves are still in the ground." pg. 26-39
B. Preview of main points
1. Gasoline
a. demand
b. crude oil still left on planet.
c.refinery demand
d. politics of energy
e. personal opinion
C. Thesis statement
1. here are some possibilities for lowering gas prices.
II. Body
A. Demand for gasoline
1. US demand
a. most cars the average vehicle is 1 car to 2 people in this country.
b. US has most recreational vehicles.
2. Worldwide demand
a? research increases 2% each year.
B. Crude Oil still left on planet.
1. Most of Earths known reserves are still in ground
2. Scientists believe it exists on other planets and in moon.
C. Demand for refinerys.
1.Why no more in 29 years?
2How harmful to enviroment

D.Politcs of Energy
1. Liberal Viewpoints
2. Conservative Viewpoints

E. Personal Opinions.
1. hammer 'em home

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