Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oil we're all addicted

Buchan, James and Daniel Trilling "Oil were all addicted" new statesmen 17 July 2006: 30 Proquest. 3 May 2007 The reason of current high gas prices is because of the current conflict in Iraq. Iraq is a huge contributing factor to opec and that orginazation pools all of there crude together as a whole and then splits profit evenly. however Iraq is not producing nearly as much because Sadaam Hussein ordered the burning of many oil rigs when he found out that we were coming. Therefore OPEC is now producing less oil and prices have gone on the increase. The world since the 1970 increase has been looking for new and alternative fuels. the first was nuclear power which was not popular and considered by some a waste of money. not to mention it was very dangerous. then the next was ethanol or a fancy word for alcohol. this is made from farmers' crops and has increased the value for corn and wheat by nearly 15 times its original value.

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